The CyberCoast is comprised of innovative private companies and governmental entities pursuing the development of products and solutions to protect corporate clients and the nation from cyber-attacks. Our high-tech economy and workforce make the region a prime location for cybersecurity firms of all sizes looking for talent with the expertise needed to compete in this rapidly evolving industry.

The talent, education, industry and military investment make Pensacola, Florida a natural for Cybersecurity. The place, the people and the quality of life make it a natural for you.


Many assets that IT/Cybersecurity companies and their employees seek can be found here and in the surrounding counties. The temperate climate and laid-back lifestyle attracts many retirees, as well as families. The city has no shortage of entertainment, whether looking to see a concert, go on a fishing trip or visit a museum. And, of course, we have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Learn more about life on the CyberCoast at

Growing the Cyber Network

Pensacola’s robust military and defense presence, seasoned entrepreneurs, industry leaders such as App River and educational institutions are coming together to form a cybersecurity ecosystem built on intellectual capital and regional resources. The region is already home to nearly 250 information technology companies and an ever expanding network of cybersecurity businesses. Together with educators and military leaders, workforce experts are actively developing a skilled talent supply through events such as Cyberthon, ITEN Wired and more.