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Celebrate Florida’s competitiveness and economic prosperity during Florida Economic Development Week

by FloridaWest News




During the week of February 11- 17, FloridaWest joins Economic Development Professionals from around the state in recognizing Florida Economic Development Week.

Economic Development Week is an event created by the Florida Economic Development Council to celebrate the achievements of economic, workforce and community development practitioners throughout Florida communities.

The Florida Economic Development Council created the Florida Economic Development Week campaign to highlight the significant contributions that economic development programs and professionals have on Florida communities and families.   Learn More

What does Economic Development do for Escambia County?

Entrepreneurism Economic developers stimulate and incubate entrepreneurism in order to help establish the next generation of new businesses, which is the hallmark of the American economy. FloridaWest operates Co:Lab, a business incubator which grows new business for Escambia County and Pensacola. More

Economic Diversity Escambia County has come far in the last ten years. A devastating hurricane, an economic depression, and the BP oil spill left our community with double-digit unemployment, few new business startups and a depressed hospitality industry. Diversification is critical to the sustainability of our local economy. Economic Development promotes diversification in the type of and number of companies in our community that are not dependent on the community for their profits.

Business Expansion Economic, workforce and community developers create significant opportunities for local businesses to expand their businesses and encourage the retention of existing businesses.

Business Development Economic, workforce and community developers attract new employers and collaborate with regional workforce boards and higher education providers to develop the skills of Florida’s career seekers, thereby enhancing our competitiveness and improving the quality of life for all citizens.


Photo (L-R) Escambia County BOCC Representative to the FloridaWest Board of Directors Karen Sindel, John Hutchinson, BOCC Chairman Lumon May, FloridaWest Board President Donnie McMahon, FloridaWest CEO Scott Luth, City of Pensacola Economic Policy Coordinator Rebecca Ferguson, FloridaWest Director of Business Development Danita Andrews, Gulf Coast Minority Chamber of Commerce CEO Brian Wyer, FloridaWest Director of Workforce Innovation Jeff Dyer.