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Algaplast Corp. announces expansion in Northwest Florida

by FloridaWest News




Century, FL (May 11, 2023) – FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance has announced today Algaplast Corp. is establishing its first U.S. based-operations in Century, Florida.

Since September 2022, FloridaWest has been working closely with Grupo GA230 representatives to attract their foreign direct investment (FDI) economic development project to Escambia County. The FloridaWest team identified the Town of Century’s available facility to help meet the company’s growth needs. This project is expected to create 25 new manufacturing and technical jobs over the next three to five years.

Algaplast Corp. is a part of the family of companies of Grupo GA230, which has been in business in Brazil for more than 50 years. They produce a wide variety of plastic and rubber component parts for the gas & oil, automobile, mining and transport industries. Algaplast Corp. will begin operations in Century where they will specialize in plastics and rubber component parts made for gas and oil equipment manufacturers.

Algaplast Corp. President and CEO Ed Carlos Curvelos said the company is ready and poised to set up their first U.S. manufacturing plant in Northwest Florida.

“Algaplast Corp. is pleased to work with FloridaWest and the Town of Century to help establish our first U.S. operations here,” said Curvelos. “Our business is important to our life and our future and we are excited about this tremendous opportunity to become a part of the Town of Century and grow from here.”

FloridaWest Chief Business Development Officer Danita Andrews said FloridaWest had been working on landing this project for eight months.

“The FloridaWest team has worked hard to bring this partnership to fruition,” said Andrews. “Bringing this many manufacturing and technical jobs to Century will be a boon to this region.”

Century Mayor Ben Boutwell said they have laid the foundation for companies like Algaplast to be successful.

“Century, Florida is a town with ready opportunities for business. Our proactive infrastructure work, made possible through grants with the State of Florida, is helping position us for great things to come,” said Boutwell. “We are elated to work alongside our economic development partner, FloridaWest, to help bring new manufacturing job opportunities to Northwest Florida.”