About FloridaWest


Maximizing Economic Potential


Located in the city of Pensacola and Escambia County, FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance is the community’s economic development organization with the mission of building, growing and sustaining economic potential and prosperity for all.

We are maximizing Northwest Florida’s economic potential through

» Leveraging our military strength in aviation and cybersecurity
» Creative solutions aimed at attracting and recruiting new businesses and industry
» Partnering with existing businesses to drive expansion
» Investing in technology and talent development to spur innovation and better jobs
» Nurturing the global contributions of local entrepreneurs
» Developing community assets to position our area as a rich and fertile location for individual, community and corporate growth that is sustainable

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Our Dedicated Staff

Executive Search Underway

Chief Executive Officer
Position Open

Melissa Stoker

Director of Operations

Danita Andrews

Chief Business Development Officer

Casey Campbell

CO:LAB Office Manager


Patrick Rooney

Director of Entrepreneurial Development

Our Board of Directors

Rick Byars

Gulf Power Company

David Bear

Vice President
Lewis Bear Company

Ryan Tilley

Escambia County Representative

Olevia McNally

Escambia County Appointee

Donnie McMahon

City of Pensacola

Don Palmer


Charletha Powell

FloridaWest Appointee

Jim Waite


Investor Level:

Kelvin Enfinger

Greenhut Construction

K.C. Gartman

Baptist Health Care

Marcus McBride

CareerSource EscaRosa

Chris Plaeger

Bear General Contractors

Ed Meadows

Pensacola State College

Dave Murzin

First Place Partners

An Alliance of Success


Through active partnership, collaboration and cooperation, we are helping to bridge connections, explore new possibilities and expand horizons. We are an alliance of more than a hundred public and private entities, and we understand that in business, you’re only as strong as the company you keep. Here are a few of ours.