FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance is the economic development organization located in Pensacola, Florida wholly dedicated to advancing the economic health and vitality of our region.

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Maximizing Economic Potential


The West—synonymous with the spirit of adventure and opportunity—has become a beacon for how we conduct business; how we serve our community and clients; and how we forge relationships. This is how we are maximizing the economic potential of West Florida.


Wealth Development

We are driven to create a thriving and vibrant community rich in diversity, resources and experiences—a combination of quality of life and quality of business that we can all profit from.

Economic Partnership

We are an alliance of public and private agencies, businesses and organizations united as one to further the growth of Northwest Florida’s economic prosperity.


Sustainable Business

We support and sustain businesses locally, propelling them toward growth goals that build our community as a viable center of commerce and innovation, globally.

Transformed Workforce

We are bridging the gap between the needs of today’s businesses and the promise of local citizens to play on the national stage, transforming human potential to human success.

Creating an Economy of Success

We are advocates for our community—clients, citizens and you—driven by a singular focus: relationships. Central to this idea is an utmost respect for people and partnership. We work as dedicated teams committed to thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and proactively pursuing the most effective, efficient solutions to your business needs. We are your partners for economic success.

Our Board of Directors

Jim Waite


Rebecca Ferguson
City of Pensacola 


Wendell Smith
Gulf Power Company

Jim Grimes
Escambia County



Tim Haag


Donnie McMahon
McMahon Hadder


Karen Sindel
Escambia County Representative

Bonita Player
Engineering & Planning Resources

Lewis Bear, Jr.
Lewis Bear Comany


OUR dedicated staff

Scott Luth

Chief Executive Officer

Danita Andrews

Director of Business Development

Kelly Reeser

Director of Entrepreneurial Development


Libby Brown

Administrative Assistant


Patrick Rooney

Business Coach: CIE

Sena Maddison

Director of Communications


an alliance of success

We are an alliance of more than 100 public and private entities. Together, we are maximizing Northwest Florida’s economic potential.


Leverage our Community Strengths into Your Business Success


West Florida is a great fit for success. Key industries that thrive here are:


Financial & Professional Services

Greater Pensacola's diversified economic structure has enabled it to be a strong player in the provision of high value-added services, such as financial services (banking, insurance) and professional services (engineering, legal, accounting, consulting).

Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Our IT strengths include diverse sectors, such as digital media, modeling, simulation and training, photonics/optics and mobile technologies. Some 293 information technology companies employ nearly 3,200 people in Greater Pensacola.

Offshore Vessel Service & Support

The Port of Pensacola is currently the only Florida port reimaging itself as a vessel services center for the US Gulf offshore oil and gas industry.


Aviation Manufacturing & Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

Greater Pensacola, long known as the Cradle of Naval Aviation is home to aviation-specific military bases, including Naval Air Station Pensacola (NAS Pensacola) and Whiting Field, creating a large cluster of aviation-, aerospace- and defense-concentrated assets.

Defense, Homeland & Cyber Security

The defense and homeland security industry is comprised of innovative companies pursuing the development of products and solutions to support our military and protect civilian populations from terrorist attacks and other security threats. Our high tech economy, impressive military assets, and specially trained workforce make Greater Pensacola a prime place to find the expertise you need to compete in this rapidly evolving industry.




Pensacola's advanced manufacturing industries are diverse and include sectors producing intermediate and finished products ranging from nylon, to wind turbines, to pulp and paper, to circuit control systems, to glass blocks and beyond. In total, the MSA is home to over 169 manufacturers employing more than 14,108 workers. These strong industry assets can help your manufacturing business ramp up fast.


Why West Florida Should Be On Your Radar

Northwest Florida is growing in stride and reputation—giving residents and businesses the power to transform possibility into opportunity. 


We are sizable.

As the largest city in the Florida Panhandle—and serving as the cultural hub for the region—Pensacola offers small city safety and comfort, with big city amenities: opera, symphony, theater, museums and more. Steeped in four centuries of history, the historic assets of our region showcase a rich learning and leisure destination for visitors and citizens alike.

We are accessible.

Within a five-mile radius, residents and business can access major thoroughfares by land, sea or air with Interstate 10, CSX and the Gulf Coast Railway, a deep-water port, an international airport with 11 non-stop flights, and entry to the Intercoastal Waterway.

We are attractive.

The Gulf Coast is attractive for beach and military enthusiasts, but also businesses and a growing workforce. Noted as the cradle of aviation, home to NAS Pensacola, as well as three four-year colleges, Pensacola is cementing its position as a contender in the aviation, marine, aerospace, and tech industries.