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Pensacola City Council members Bare and Patton appointed to PEDC

by FloridaWest News




FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance is pleased to welcome new Pensacola City Council members Allison Patton and Charles Bare to PEDC, the Pensacola-Escambia Promotion & Development Commission.

The PEDC is established by a special act of the State of Florida Legislature to promote economic development interests, such as growing small businesses, supporting existing companies, and attracting new industry and commerce. The PEDC works very closely with FloridaWest in this endeavor.

A recently highlight of PEDC’s efforts was securing a $2.5 million dollar Triumph Gulf Coast grant to expand Pegasus Laboratory’s research, development and manufacturing facility in Pensacola.

Scott Luth, FloridaWest CEO, said leadership from PEDC board members has had a major impact on Pensacola and Escambia County.

“PEDC plays a pivotal role in growing our growing region,” said Luth. “We excited to welcome Charles and Allison to the PEDC board and benefit from their leadership.”

Charles Bare, Pensacola City Councilman for District 2 is no stranger to city council or PEDC. He served on both in the past.

“I’m looking forward to rejoining the PEDC,” said Bare, “and learning more about FloridaWest’s ongoing economic development efforts in the City of Pensacola.”

Allison Patton, Pensacola City Councilwoman for District 6, is new to the City Council but has long served the region and is deeply involved in the community.

“Economic development is critical to the success of our community,” said Patton. “I’m honored to be appointed to the PEDC to help drive economic growth in our region and look forward to working with other members of the PEDC to create jobs and opportunity for all citizens.”