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New Pensacola Bay Breakwater

by FloridaWest News




Longtime Pensacola engineering firm, Baskerville Donovan, partnered with the city of Pensacola to craft the stunning Maritime Park Breakwater. In bustling downtown areas, marinas crave protection from strong winds and waves, and that’s exactly what this breakwater brings to Pensacola Bay.

“During storms, this structure steps up to shield against powerful wave action,” said Freddy Donovan, Principal at Baskerville Donovan. “Picture a steel crib – two walls of steel sheet piles joined with hefty threaded rods, filled with sand for added strength.”

Topped with a massive concrete cap, it even boasts handrails by Brownsville Welding for a touch of style and easy pedestrian access. To combat the salty elements, cathodic protection was installed to keep those steel sheet piles standing strong.

“Here’s the real beauty,” said president and CEO Keith Hill, “the Breakwater perfectly complements the existing Maritime Park bulkhead, featuring dual steel sheet piles and a spacious 15-foot-wide concrete cap. It’s ideal for a little sightseeing.”

Extending a whopping 412 feet into the Bay, it’s not just a showstopper – it’s also the guardian of the 48-slip day-use marina on the west side of the Maritime Park. 

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