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IEDC First Glance at the Stimulus Bill

by FloridaWest News




The International Economic Development Council has provided this first glance at the stimulus bill:  IEDC Review2

COVID-19 Update: First glance at the stimulus bill

 A deal was reached early this morning on the third and largest COVID-19 aid bill, a stimulus package designed to help the ailing economy and ease the burden on families and workers. At over $2 trillion dollars, there is simply nothing in our past to compare it to as we move further into uncharted territory.

For economic developers, the bill contains many items of interest. Below, we offer a first glance breakdown by agency or program. The situation remains fluid as the Senate continues to debate a few remaining sticking points, but we believe this to be fairly close to what their final bill will look like in terms of scope. After the Senate concludes their business on the bill, the House must also act before it can be sent to the president and made law. The Senate and the administration have been collaborating closely with House leadership over the previous weeks in a bid to ensure smooth, quick adoption of the Senate bill once it clears that chamber. Of course, we cannot be certain that will be the case, so please take all of that into consideration when reading the information below. Read Here: Link