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FloridaWest is pleased to announce that promotional materials for The Bluffs were awarded three Golden Addys at Saturday’s American Advertising Federation Pensacola ADDY® Awards Gala.

The Awards:

  • 2018 Gold Addy Award – Integrated Campaign: The Bluffs / Integrated Advertising Campaign Regional/National B-to-B
  • 2018 Gold Addy Award – Direct Mail: 3-D/Mixed
  • 2018 Gold Addy Award – Internet Commercial: The Bluffs

The Bluffs Video also received:

  • 2018 Silver Addy Award for Video Editing for Christine York Creative
  • 2018 Silver Addy Award for Animation for Christine York Creative

Many thanks to all the creative individuals who worked on the campaign:

Agency (Marketing Firm): VisionFirst Advisors, Melissa Medley – Strategy, Producer and Creative Direction

Content & Copywriting: Nancy Blum-Heintz & Melissa Medley

The Video:  WATCH

  • Director – Benjamin Murphy, Murphywerx Productions
  • Copywriter – Christine York, Christine York Creative
  • Motion Graphics – Christine York, Christine York Creative
  • Editor – Christine York, Christine York Creative
  • Still Photography – Cheryl Murphy, Murphywerx Productions
  • Cinematography – Benjamin Murphy, Murphywerx Productions
  • Chris Jadallah, Calliope Films
  • Drone Cinematography – Chris Tonn, Pelican Drones
  • Producers – Sena Maddison, FloridaWest
  • Melissa Medley, Vision First Advisors
  • Christine York, Christine York Creative

Website Design: CNP (Clark, Nikdel Powell) Whitney Nall and Jarrett Smith

Digital Advertising Campaign:

Strategy and Direction – Nancy Blum-Heintz

Creative – Kristen Locke

Design & Placement – Maris West & Baker

Direct Mail Website Debut Promotion:

                Design – Frank Salonek

Production – Nancy Blum Heintz, Virginia Haworth & Molly Pflanz

Video Mailer design and production; Brochure design: UviaUs