Cyber Education

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The University of West Florida Center for Cybersecurity has been designated as the National Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Regional Resource Center and a CAE in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. UWF provides leadership to advance cyber defense education among colleges and universities throughout the Southeast and Puerto Rico. Learn More

The Pensacola State College cybersecurity program covers a broad expanse of technological concepts and includes courses in security network technologies and operating systems, security management, and industry best practices. Learn More

George Stone Technical College offers an applied cybersecurity program and is a Cisco Networking Academy and Microsoft IT Academy. Learn More

Locklin Technical College offers an applied cybersecurity program and prepares students for valuable industry certifications. Learn More

University of West Florida Cybersecurity Degrees

  • BS in Computing and Information Sciences: Cybersecurity
    specialization NSA-DHS CAE-CDE designated program
  •  BS in Information Technology: Network Systems
    Operations specialization
  •  BA in International Studies: Security and Diplomacy concentration
  • MS in Information Technology: Cybersecurity specialization
  • MS in Computer Science: Cybersecurity focus
  • MA in Political Science: Security and Diplomacy concentration
  •  MBA: Information Security Management Area of Emphasis

UWF Center for Cybersecurity

Escambia County School District:

If you have coder’s brain and are always two steps ahead of technology, we have your career. The information technology industry is a dynamic and entrepreneurial field that continues to have a revolutionary impact on the economy and the world around us. You can get a head start on a great career in Cybersecurity while you are still in High School at one of the Escambia County School District’s Career Academies.