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Cox Communications Launches Gigabit Internet Service in Pensacola

by FloridaWest News




Cox Communications Launches Gigabit Internet Service in Pensacola

Pensacola, FL Cox Communications Tuesday announced that it has launched its gigabit Internet service for residential customers in Pensacola. Marketed under the brand name “G1GABLASTSM,” Cox offers speeds 85 times faster than the average speed in the U.S. today.

Cox announced the expanded availability of residential gigabit Internet speeds at a special event at the Southtowne Apartment Complex in downtown Pensacola, home to one the first neighborhoods along the Gulf Coast to receive Cox’s new service.

“We are excited about our roadmap to offer gigabit speeds to all of our residential customers,” said David Deliman, Cox’s Gulf Coast market vice president.  “We are deploying new technology and infrastructure that will offer our customers the choice of gigabit speeds in all markets we serve. In addition to the Southtowne Apartments, Gibablast will be available to all of Cox’s Gulf Coast customers by mid-November.”

Deliman was joined by Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, Quint Studer and State Representative and Pensacola Chamber CEO Clay Ingram in making the announcement this morning.

Cox has been deploying gigabit speeds to businesses for more than a decade, and the company will offer residential gigabit speeds to all customers in all of its markets by the end of 2019.

“Cox has been the digital communications leader in Northwest Florida for many years, leading on choice and access and working to continually improve broadband for all customers,” said Deliman. “We will continue to invest in our local network and our product capabilities to help our customers connect to the things they care about most.”

With speeds as fast as 1,000 megabits per second, gigabit speeds from Cox also will deliver a more powerful home network and rich broadband-enabled services to customers. The average home has more than six devices connected to the Internet. Cox is about offering the best experience – as well as choice and access. With a gig, you can:

  • Run all internet-enabled devices at the same time. For example, stream 10 Ultra HD videos while surfing the web and checking your email simultaneously.
  • You could download the ENTIRE iTunes library in HD in one month. But it would take 15 years nonstop to watch.

Cox has increased Internet speeds more than 1,000 percent on its most popular packages over the past 16 years, and, over the past 10 years, has invested more than $15 billion in its communities through infrastructure upgrades to deliver video, phone and high-speed Internet and home security and automation service to homes and businesses in the company’s service area. Additionally, the company gives tens of millions of dollars annually in cash and in-kind contributions to support the communities in which it operates.