Professional Services and Back Office

Companies making the choice to locate their professional services and back office operations to Northwest Florida can take advantage of its location in the third most populous state, while enjoying a top-ranked business climate, numerous workforce programs and a experienced and reliable workforce that has proven to be a defining asset to industry leaders. Today, the region is home to more than 50,000 quality finance and management professionals enabling future employers a steady supply of experienced talent.

Leverage Our Strengths Into Your Business Success

Industry Leaders

Pensacola is home to the world’s largest credit union, Navy Federal. The industry leader employs more than 5,500 and is on pace to reach 10,000 employees by 2022.

Trained Talent

There are 14 industry focused training programs in the Pensacola region’s educational pipeline, housed in both high schools colleges.


Available turn-key properties including as sites in a thriving, walkable downtown urban core offering a vibrant and active community for young highly skilled professionals.

In Their Own Words: Navy Federal Credit Union

“In 2001, when Navy Federal looked to expand our operations, we looked for a community with a talented workforce, concentrated numbers of members, land availability and affordability and incentives. Escambia County provided an abundance of all those factors, and that’s why we’re still growing here today.”

Debbie Calder, Executive Vice President of Greater Pensacola Operations, Navy Federal Credit Union

Find Properties

Greater Pensacola offers a wide-range of excellent site opportunities for your business. There are many considerations when looking for a property and staff is available to answer your questions. Browse the sites and contact us to see how we can work for you. 

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Short Time Compensation Program for Employers

ATTENTION ESCAMBIA AND SANTA ROSA COUNTY BUSINESSES!!! BEFORE you layoff, here's something that may be helpful to know. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) offers businesses the opportunity to participate in a Short-Time Compensation (STC) program...

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