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Co:Lab welcomes Coflyt: Managing aircraft maintenance has never been easier!

by FloridaWest News




The Team at Coflyt

The Co:Lab community is pleased to welcome their newest tenant, Coflyt.

Coflyt provides an App that helps aircraft owners keep track of aircraft maintenance, inspections, and schedule. It streamlines management of aircraft, keeping logs, inspection statuses and visibility of mechanical items at your fingertips

Stephen Rainey, Tal Clark, Pace Clark and Eric Hill have been using their combined experience with software, app development and start-ups to build Coflyt together since June 2019.

“Aircraft have different recurring checks that are required on set intervals,” said Tal Clark. “ Those items have previously been managed using various paper-based systems or aircraft logbooks, which are often not convenient for the pilot.  Missing these required inspections not only compromises the safety of the aircraft, but it can also affect your insurance coverage for the aircraft. Over fifty percent of aircraft are owned by partnerships and Coflyt provides an effective communications tool across all owners and users of the aircraft.  You can now have all those things in the palm of your hand via your IOS or Android device.”

Pensacola’s naval aviation heritage and thriving aviation industries are a perfect setting for the app’s development. “Pensacola is really a great aviation community… we have a lot going on with the Navy being here and a lot of commercial pilots who live here,” Clark said, “ I was a Marine Corps pilot, so I trained here and  we’ve got a lot going on just with commercial aviation growing in Pensacola.  Military  pilots return here and commercial pilots commute out of here, and many of them also own or fly private airplanes.”

Not only does the Coflyt team consider Pensacola the perfect place for aviation companies, but it is also an ideal environment for entrepreneurs, “The community of Pensacola is definitely right for entrepreneurs,” Clark said, “The tools that you need are here and an opportunity like Co:Lab is great because it allows you to find office space and offers help to get your business off the ground.”

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