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Co:Lab’s Data Rev keeps businesses connected

by FloridaWest News




employees of Data Rev wearing masks

One of Co:Lab’s busiest tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic has been IT Support Providers Data Revolution.  Their assistance has helped Northwest Florida businesses remain connected in a variety of ways. “There is no perfect solution because everyone has a different need, but we are doing our best,” says Jay Smith, Managing Partner. On the phone and connectivity side, Data Rev has worked to forward phone calls to cell phones and extensions, as well as, installing phones on desks at home. Cyber Security is more important than ever. “One of the biggest worries from home is security. At-home laptops raise security issues.”

Jay says that during such a difficult time, Data Rev has really benefitted from being a part of Co:Lab. “With a plethora of assistance coming from the all over, Co:Lab helped filter all the noise and explain in simple terms the opportunities and qualifications for each benefit and how to get started. Having the coaches say, ‘Here is a daily update on what matters to you,’ has really helped us understand what applies to our business, says Jay. In addition, Co:Lab has provided information on their private Facebook page for easy reference.

With Co:Lab being such a tight-knit community, Data Rev has been able to stay connected with the other tenants. “Everyone has been relating and comparing their businesses in hopes of helping each other out,” said Jay. Data Revolution does the network for all of the Co:Lab tenants, therefore they have been in additional contact with each business. Data Rev is also apart of multiple social media groups with other small business owners for additional support and help.

To keep their employees safe during the pandemic, Data Rev, like many other businesses, has resorted to remote working from home if the employee wants to. When they go onsite, the employees must wear gloves and masks. “We encouraged our team to go onsite only when necessary. We also let our team know if it is too crowded onsite they do not have to stay,” said Jay. In addition, Data Rev has refrained from spending money they do not need to spend. Jay mentioned, “We are not taking chances with finances during this time.”

Data Rev encourages businesses trying to stay connected to call somebody. “It is not as hard as you think. Although it is difficult, it can be done. There are so many people that can help you. Do not be afraid to ask!” said Jay.

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