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Co:Lab welcomes new tenant, Argo Cyber Systems!

by FloridaWest News




Co:Lab is pleased to welcome new tenant, Argo Cyber Systems!

Located in Pensacola, Florida, Argo Cyber are true cyber security and intelligence experts offering 24/7 dedicated security monitoring of critical infrastructure assets, businesses, and other environments. They support the monitoring of your systems no matter where they are located. If you use AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, on premise, or any combination of these, Argo Cyber can provide you with expert 24×7 cyber security monitoring. They leverage state of the art technology to deliver the best monitoring services possible. Their pricing model does not charge based on the number of assets or devices monitored. They use a consumption model which is based on the amount of data that is collected and processed through their system. This allows for greater flexibility when choosing which devices and assets to monitor.

Argo Cyber uses their years of experience and expertise in information security, risk and compliance to identify vulnerabilities and assess technology so that your business may minimize your risks of a cybersecurity breach, or mitigate any losses should a breach occur. They help clients make informed decisions on how to manage security risks, helping to create customized and workable solutions. They also offer penetration testing on computer systems, networks, and web applications to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

For more information, visit their website!

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