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Co:Lab tenant, Association Resource Solutions, helps their clients through a changing business climate.

by FloridaWest News




A photo of the Association Resource Solutions staff

Co:Lab tenant, Association Resource Solution (ARS), has been hard at work to support their clients during COVID-19!

ARS provides a variety of services for trade and professional associations both locally and nation-wide, including strategic planning, organizational management, event management, membership development, program development and revitalization, and more.

Rather than let COVID-19 delay their client’s growth, ARS is creating new industry-specific resources to help association members best handle COVID-19 and mitigate any negative impact.  ARS is also providing high-level strategy sessions for clients that focus on lost revenue recovery and new revenue generation.

Brandice Pelfrey, CEO and Founder of ARS shares, “While we can’t anticipate major altering events like COVID-19, we can provide the guidance needed to not only survive, but help our clients thrive and emerge a stronger leader for their industries. We are actually seeing growth and renewed engagement in various ways for all of our clients.”

In addition to new program and resource creation, ARS has been assisting their clients in reformatting regularly scheduled in-person events to virtual platforms with the goal of seamless continuation of continued education and training program offerings.

Organizational growth and operational strategizing remain at the forefront of the ARS mission for their clients. Pelfrey and her team of professionals at ARS continue to strive for success for all clients, no matter the conditions.

Pelfrey joined Co:Lab in the fall 2019 and shared that the biggest change influenced by her mentors has been the push for dedicated time to work on her business, not just in it. “I think it is really powerful to have a community program that is focused on entrepreneurial growth. What a great way to support local economic prosperity. There are so many amazing companies that were founded in and remain located in Pensacola. Many of them thanks to the efforts of Co:Lab and its group of coaches, mentors and investors. There are many entrepreneurs, like me, that start a business and may have what it takes to survive the long haul, but with the right resources, like Co:Lab, we can flourish.”

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