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Circulogene continues growth in Downtown Pensacola

by FloridaWest News




Circulogene, a specialized oncology diagnostics company, uses patients’ blood to test for molecular biomarkers which may be used to guidetargeted and immunotherapy treatment options in cancer patients at the time of diagnosis and recurrence. In 2023, the company flourished, completing a merger and preparing for big growth in 2024.

President & CEO Mike Mullen said 2023 was a year of challenges and successes.

“In 2023 Circulogene experienced record cancer patient volumes,” said Mullen. “We also completed a merger with a large private national diagnostic laboratory and joined its Alliance where we will be the blood-based molecular oncology platform. That partnership should drive new demand for testing from all across the U.S. as well as with potential pathology partners.” 

For 2024, Circulogene’s priority will be on integrating its business with The Alliance. In addition, with an expected increase in demand and in revenues, they will be focused on growing their workforce.

“We’ll be working hard to ensure a successful integration with The Alliance,” said Mullen, “particularly, new partnerships with other providers within. With those new partnerships we’re projecting we’ll double our revenues and need an increased focus on staffing for growth. We’re super excited for all of the opportunities in 2024 and beyond.”

Looking ahead, Mullen said Circulogene will continue to focus on solutions for physicians and patients.

“For the future, our plan is to continue validating new products to serve our physician and patients even better,” said Mullen. “And we would like to be physicians’ go-to option for the management of lung cancer — we want to insert ourselves as a key piece of the puzzle in the lung cancer management continuum.”