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Celebrating National Maritime Day, Saturday May 22

by FloridaWest News




Saturday, May 22 is National Maritime Day.

In 1933, Congress declared National Maritime Day to commemorate the American steamship Savannah’s voyage from the United States to England, marking the first successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with steam propulsion. During World War II more than 250,000 members of the American Merchant Marine served their country, with more than 6,700 giving their lives, hundreds being detained as prisoners of war and more than 800 U.S. merchant ships being sunk or damaged.

This year’s theme – “Resilient Sealift for a Resilient Nation”— reflects the U.S. maritime industry’s unwavering support of the nation, especially during the current challenge of COVID-19. The ceremony can be viewed live at:

In celebration of National Maritime Day, we want to thank Pensacola’s maritime personnel and our partners at the Port of Pensacola who work day in and day out to support our local businesses and the economy. We also want to recognize Pensacola’s rich maritime history.


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