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BlueWind celebrates build of 1500th nacelle

by FloridaWest News



Success Stories

BlueWind Technology is celebrating its 1500th nacelle produced at the manufacturing company’s Pensacola facility. A nacelle is a cover that houses a wind turbine’s system components such as the generator, gear box and controller.

BlueWind has been operating in Pensacola since 2019 and supplies nacelles to GE Renewable Energy. FloridaWest was instrumental in helping to recruit the company to Pensacola where they’ve grown from 1 to 130 employees in just three years.

Danita Andrews, FloridaWest Chief Business Development Officer, said BlueWind has persevered through many obstacles throughout the pandemic to achieve the rapid growth they’ve seen since startup.

“BlueWind jumped over hurdle after hurdle to continue their forward momentum during the pandemic,” said Andrews. “And now to be celebrating 1500 nacelles built is quite an achievement. And at the same time, they’re giving back to the community by employing second chance workers.”

In fact, 45 percent of their workforce are second chance workers, and they are excelling within the company. BlueWind Director of Sustainability and Administration Henry Kelley, said he’s proud of the difference the company is making toward sustainability with renewable energy and within the community.

“These second-chance team members are thriving in our culture,” said Kelley. “With nearly half of our workforce in this category, BlueWind excelled throughout the pandemic and that continues today. Our 1500 nacelles are protecting 1500 wind turbines that are powering roughly 2.5 million homes. So, you can see how BlueWind is making a significant contribution toward a sustainable future for all of us.”

BlueWind has big plans for the future, marketing its innovative composite to other industries.

“With GE investing $20 million in Pensacola, we are literally becoming the home of onshore wind power in North America,” said Kelley. “In addition, we are pursuing other opportunities with partners from diverse industries whose companies can benefit from our high-tech components designed to handle heavy industrial applications.”