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Bear General Contractors joins FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance as Investor

by FloridaWest News




Bear General Contractors has joined FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance as a private-sector investor. FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance exists to grow the local economy by encouraging companies to relocate to the Pensacola area and, helping local companies grow and by encouraging entrepreneurship.

Bear joins other private-sector investors including Baptist Hospital, Greenhut Construction, and Board members including Lewis Bear Co., FP&L, and Baskerville Donovan.

“The FloridaWest team is super excited to welcome Bear General Contractors as they join our team of board members and investors,” said FloridaWest CEO Scott Luth. “The economic growth of our region counts on local business stepping up and making a difference. We’re thankful to be able to add their insightful leadership to our board of directors.”

Bear General Contractors was founded by long-time friends Chris Jaubert and Josh Sitton. They are headquartered in Pensacola and are focused on growing commercial development in the area. Licensed in Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana, Bear General Contractors specializes in the renovation and new construction of commercial buildings. Bear’s Chief Administrative Officer, Chris Plaeger will be their representative on the FloridaWest board.

“We know how important economic development is for this region and how fierce the competition is to attract businesses looking to relocate,” said Plaeger. “By joining the FloridaWest board as an investor, we’re aligning ourselves with an organization with a proven track record. This team understands business recruitment, retention, and entrepreneurship. We are excited to contribute to FloridaWest’s mission of connecting the assets, resources, and skilled workforce of the Greater Pensacola region with business and industry for the ongoing economic growth and prosperity of the region.”