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Agglomeration is not a dirty word

by FloridaWest News




Economist John List recently spoke at CivicCon and asked FloridaWest’s CEO Scott Luth to speak about Agglomeration.

“Pensacola is unique in its Cyber Security strategy,” said Luth. “We’re building it off of what’s going on at Corry Field. We’re one of the few communities that are actually monitoring .gov agencies 24-7 – we have an entire industry that’s built around that… What’s unique for us is how we make sure we capitalize on the public sector cyber. And that’s one of our strategies, we partner with city or county, or college or university all around that strategy to try to make sure we’re bringing jobs into this Community.”

Click below to watch the CivicCon video. Scott Luth speaks at 1:07.

Click here to see the video courtesy of SCI and