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ActiGraph Launches the ActiGraph LEAP™

by FloridaWest News




ActiGraph has launched its next generation multisensor wearable device now available for academic research and clinical trials. ActiGraph recently moved its headquarters in Downtown Pensacola and employs 120 located in 20,000 square feet at the Region’s Center on North Baylen Street.

ActiGraph CEO Jeremy Wyatt said the new device would allow for better clinical insights.

“The ActiGraph LEAP features one of the most comprehensive sensor collections in the industry,” said Wyatt. “This gives researchers the ability to collect digital measures of activity, sleep, mobility, and additional vital signs including heart rate and variability, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and skin temperature — all in a single fit-for-purpose device.”

ActiGraph’s presence downtown is helping greater Pensacola become recognized as a growth hub for research and development, and advanced technology companies.

Learn more about the ActiGraph LEAP here.

On the heels of launching LEAP, ActiGraph just announced a new project called DECODE which stands for Digital Endpoint Collaboration to accelerate Outcome Development. DECODE Nocturnal Scratch is a collaboration between ActiGraph and pharmaceutical companies that aims to research and develop a novel, fit-for-purpose digital measure to assess scratch behavior, a critical factor affecting the quality of life for people with dermatological conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Learn more about DECODE here.

ActiGraph is hosting the second ActiGraph Digital Data Summit (ADDS) event February 26 – 28 2024 focusing on wearable technologies in academic and pharmaceutical research.. Click here for more information and to register.

ActiGraph receives funding through the Industry Resilience and Diversification Fund (IRDF).