Economic Development: What we do and what it does

FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance works to connect the assets, resources and skilled workforce of the Greater Pensacola region with business and industry to build a thriving professional community for ongoing economic growth and prosperity of the region.


At FloridaWest EDA we:

Help employers stay, expand and grow

Work with education and industry partners to ensure a strong workforce for our future

Help early stage high-growth companies become successful at CO:LAB

Promote diverse industry sectors including Advanced Manufacturing, IT and Cybersecurity and Aviation Maintenance

What this does:

  • Increases quality of life

  • Creates More jobs, Better Jobs, Higher Wages

  • Creates greater equity and inclusion for all citizens

  • Creates a stabilized tax base

  • Diversifies our economy – providing a draw for new businesses and a wider variety of jobs

  • Encourages an entrepreneurial spirit – start up companies are creating new jobs and innovative ideas