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Northwest Florida has a dominant cluster of government IT/Cybersecurity and a growing commercial cluster. Few locations around the country match the area’s concentration of military and federal cybersecurity investments.

The National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC), located onboard Corry Station in Pensacola, is the Nation’s flagship cyber defense, incident response, and operational integration center.

The Navy’s Information Warfare Training Command at Corry Station is considered by the cryptologic community as the “cradle of cryptology.”

Pensacola’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition is at the forefront of cybersecurity with many areas of interdisciplinary research including designing large scale interactive network event visualizations, understanding cyber deception tactics, applying moving target defenses, developing intelligent software agents, and automating security policy reasoning and enforcement.

Additional military assets include Navy Information Operations Command, Navy 10th Fleet and US Fleet Cyber Command and Air Force Joint Deployable Analysis Team Eglin. 


The University of West Florida Center for Cybersecurity has been designated as the National Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) Regional Resource Center and a CAE in Cyber Defense Education by the  National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security. UWF provides leadership to advance  cyber defense education among colleges and universities throughout the Southeast and Puerto Rico.

The Pensacola State College
cybersecurity program covers a broad expanse of technological concepts  and includes courses in security network technologies and operating systems, security management,  and industry best practices.

George Stone Technical College offers an applied cybersecurity program and is a Cisco Networking  Academy and Microsoft IT Academy.

Locklin Technical College offers an applied cybersecurity program and prepares students for  valuable industry certifications.

Both Escambia and Santa Rosa Schools offer Career Academies focusing on IT/Cybersecurity education.

University of West Florida Cybersecurity Degrees

  • BS in Computing and Information Sciences: Cybersecurity
    specialization NSA-DHS CAE-CDE designated program
  •  BS in Information Technology: Network Systems
    Operations specialization
  •  BA in International Studies: Security and Diplomacy concentration
  • MS in Information Technology: Cybersecurity specialization
  • MS in Computer Science: Cybersecurity focus
  • MA in Political Science: Security and Diplomacy concentration
  •  MBA: Information Security Management Area of Emphasis

UWF Center for Cybersecurity


Many assets that IT/Cybersecurity companies and their employees seek can be found here and in the surrounding counties. The temperate climate and laid-back lifestyle attracts many retirees, as well as families. The city has no shortage of entertainment, whether looking to see a concert, go on a fishing trip or visit a museum. And, of course, we have some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.




Pensacola is located at Florida’s western tip, at the center of the U.S. Gulf Coast, we can reach Houston and Nashville just as quickly as Miami. There are daily direct flights from Pensacola International Airport to Washington, DC and other locations. Florida’s stable and highly favorable tax climate provides advantages that make a Florida location profitable for every type of business. Progressive legislation also ensures that Florida remains a worldwide hub for new and expanding businesses.

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The Greater Pensacola Bay Area and Northwest Florida are home to several military bases with technical, training, and research missions. This has created a cluster of IT and research companies and attracted a solid technical workforce.


We have over 34,000 military retirees, one of the largest concentrations in the nation. These professionals are educated, disciplined, technically proficient self-starters; the type of employees that all leaders want in their companies. And many are looking for their next career.

The sizable military economic impact in the Pensacola region includes not only those employed directly with the military, but also the civilian and defense industry workforce. Corry Station’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is expected to double in size over the next several years.




Top Cybersecurity Job Titles

• Cyber Security Analyst / Specialist
• System Administrator
• Network Engineer / Architect

• Information Assurance Engineer / Analyst
• Systems Engineer
• Unix Administrator / Engineer

  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Storage Engineer
  •  Systems Analyst

In Their Own Words: AppRiver

“Northwest Florida has all the pieces in place to become a hub for cybersecurity and other high-tech, knowledge-based companies. I fully expect that many more business leaders are going to come to the same realization I did many years ago; technology companies can locate and do business anywhere, so why not choose a region that has rich history, beautiful natural treasures, a high-quality education system, and a strong commitment to creating a great business climate? The future looks bright as FloridaWest, the Santa Rosa County EDO, Innovation Coast, and chambers of commerce work hand-in-hand with the business community to grow talent, attract capital, assist startups, and recruit companies to move to this incredible area.”

Michael Murdoch, President & CEO, AppRiver

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