Magnolia Bluff

Adjacent to the Ascend Performance Materials complex to the south and Escambia County Utility Authority (ECUA) complex to the north. Barge access is possible using either excess capacity at the Ascend wharf or development of a new wharf farther up river.

Preliminary planning shows 3 parcel areas ranging from 23.9 to 55.4 acres in size and totaling 105.8 acres. Total developable area is 93.5 acres It is possible to combine the two smaller parcels (23.9 and 26.5 acres) into a single 50.4 acre parcel for a larger project

Site Features

  • Total Area – 258.3 acres
  • Could be accessed from Chemstrand Road, Old Chemstrand Road, or a new Industrial boulevard
  • All parcel areas can have rail service
  • Adjacent to major utility corridor